Digi-Mail, a product of Citipost Mail Ltd, offers Smart Mail Solutions!

So if your business is spending too much time and money on printers, franking machines and stationery; if it is important to you to create a lasting impression with your outbound mail. Then Digi-Mail can offer you a flexible, secure and cost effective solution for every piece of mail you send. Digi-Mail is an innovative online delivery solution that allows you to create, print and post your mail, without leaving your desk! Using either pre-defined templates or even your own bespoke designs, you are assured that every piece of mail leaving your business will have brand consistency. All professionally presented with a service that could save you up to 50% on your postage costs. Simply drag and drop your file to our cloud based software and click print, it’s that simple. Digi-Mail will then print and send your document(s) for delivery to your chosen delivery address(es). Offering you and your business Smart Mail Solutions.

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At Citipost Mail, we’re trusted by businesses across the UK to send bulk mail for a whole lot less. We're the UK's largest privately owned downstream access provider, and we pride ourselves on offering a smooth, professional and personal delivery service at an exceptionally competitive price.

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